Top Five Tracks of the Week (May 6 – May 12)

I’m totally exhausted.

There are only four days left of school and everything is hitting me at once.

Thankfully, music is good, so I’m pleased to pause everything else to write a few words about it.

Oh yeah, Game of Thrones sucks now. Watch The Leftovers.

5. Miami Memory – Alex Cameron

Image result for alex cameron

I saw in an article written by Ian Roebuck for Loud and Quiet that Alex Cameron’s particular brand of music is known as “sleaze pop.”

After listening to Cameron’s new single, Miami Memory, I get it.

This song just oozes with primal sexual energy, paced by the thumping synths and lucid vocal delivery.

Plus, and I’d be remiss to ignore this, there’s that line. You know the line if you listen. It’s impossible to disregard. It first surfaces at 1:36. It returns. As do I.

Think of Alex Cameron as the chaotic alternative to Perfume Genius–Cologne Genius, I guess.

4. BMO – Ari Lennox

Related image

Ari Lennox comes in hard with this track from her new LP Shea Butter Baby.

Driven by its killer hook and her cool charisma, BMO, or Break Me Off, just feels like a summer song.

Honestly, it just hits nicely. And with that bass, it really cooks in a car.

3. BASQUIAT – Jamila Woods, Saba

Image result for jamila woods

All week, I kept trying to think of whose voice I hear when I hear Jamila Woods.

It hit me yesterday.

She sounds like Carole King!

This track, a jazzy piece off her new LP, LEGACY! LEGACY!, is smooooooth. Imagine Carole King if she collaborated with Thundercat and Kamasi Washington.

Carole King Kendrick?

Also, Saba kills it here, per usual.

2. RICKY – Denzel Curry

Related image

In this ferocious cut from rap’s prodigal son Denzel Curry, he lands every punch.

From the opening seconds, you just know it’s about to be fiery.

This doesn’t disappoint. What a killer track.

1. Young Enough – Charly Bliss

Image result for charly bliss young enough

My ears and heart belong to Charly Bliss.

Their new LP has been on repeat all week. While the best song might be Capacity or Chatroom, I can’t help but relish in the slow build of the album’s title track, Young Enough.

It gives everybody a chance to shine.

Not that Eva Hendricks doesn’t explode with charm every second she exists.

Listen to Charly Bliss!!!

Honorable Mentions

False Anthem – Summer Cannibals

prom dress – mxmtoon

Too Much – Carly Rae Jepsen

Broke (feat. JID) – Ari Lennox, JID

Don’t Go Changing – Aly & AJ

MUDDY – Jamila Woods

Muted Shifting of Space – Big Brave

Mercedes Marxist – IDLES

She Live (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Maxo Kream, Megan Thee Stallion

Dizzy – LIVVIA

Ghostride – Crumb









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