Top 60 Tracks of the Year So Far (#60-51)

In celebration of 2019’s remarkable music output, I put together a list of the sixty best songs so far.

Starting with entries 60 through 51, the list will be unveiled over the next few days. For each entry, I’ll highlight the best line, or lyric, best moment, and favorite fact about the artist.

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60. F&N – Future

Image result for future f&n

Best Line

I just took an AK to a dinner date

Best Moment

Future’s best moment of 2019: the tectonic beat change at 2:00. He’s had a good year. This is the highlight.

Favorite Fact about Future

Future loves Shakespeare.

“When I went to school, I would read Shakespeare and just fell in love with how he mixed his words. I started playing around and writing poems, reading poems.” 

59. Cold – Rico Nasty, Kenny Beats

Image result for rico nasty cold

Best Line

Cross you just like a rosary

Best Moment

1:03-1:15. That lead-up to the chorus is filthy.

Favorite Fact about Rico Nasty

She has a four-year-old son named Cameron, meaning she is officially one of the coolest moms in the world. One more reason to support her.

58. Rattle at Will – Laura Stevenson

Image result for laura stevenson

Best Line

I’d say rattle at will, I’ve been drinking my milk

Best Moment

2:18-2:30. It perfectly encompasses what Laura Stevenson does so well.

Favorite Fact about Laura Stevenson

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 6.02.59 PM.png

She has a great Twitter.

57. Morrow – 070 Shake

Image result for 070 shake morrow

Best Line

I know it’s hard to swallow
I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow

Best Moment

The chorus, which absolutely soars.

Favorite Fact about 070 Shake

Her upcoming album, Modus Vivendi, is supposedly about “different smells.”

56. 1972 – Broken Social Scene

Image result for broken social scene

Best Line

Life leads, eyes bless

Best Moment

1:00. The first time the warbling noise harmonizes with singer Ariel Engle. It’s the best kind of earworm.

Favorite Fact about Broken Social Scene

They are Maggie Rogers’s favorite band.

55. Rap Song Tutorial – Injury Reserve

Image result for injury reserve

Best Line

I’ll be drape-draped up like Joaquin in Her

The sauce is undeniable.

Related image

Best Moment

When I showed the song to a few of my more music-obsessed students without briefing them on the premise. . . They were blown away.

Favorite Fact about Injury Reserve

Because they’re from Phoenix (not exactly a hotbed for hip-hop), their zany brand of music is mostly influenced by the Internet. You know how New York has a sound? LA? Miami? Chicago? Injury Reserve is what happens when you’re not from one of those Meccas.

54. Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy – Xiu Xiu

Image result for xiu xiu

Best Line

What if the bear was just a dumbass?

Best Moment

:32, when all the experimental cacophony hits. It’s wild.

Favorite Fact about Xiu Xiu

“Normally I try to avoid making public any overt explanations as to what any of our records or songs are about lyrically. Whenever asked—and although it is quite fair to pose a band this question—I will usually say that it is not my business to define these things for the listener. One’s own thoughts don’t need any of my inane disruptions. Obviously I havemy own ideas about the lyrics, but the hope is that anyone who might check them out has their own experience: good or bad, expanded or null.”

53. Numb – Men I Trust

Related image

Best Line

A young confusion, what a shame

Best Moment

:28, the moment Emma Proulx starts singing. The production makes her singing feel so atmospheric and I love it.

Favorite Fact about Men I Trust

They are from Montreal, which is one of the coolest places in the world in my book. Also from Montreal? Arcade Fire, an all-time favorite of mine.

52. Miami Memory – Alex Cameron

Image result for alex cameron miami memory

Best Line 

Do I have to say it? I refuse. But I’ll give you a hint.

Image result for oyster spongebob

Best Moment

1:51-2:09. The instrumental interlude is beautiful.

Favorite Fact about Alex Cameron

He is dating Jemima Kirke, who remains my third-favorite of the main four Girls characters. But she is my favorite person named Jemima.

51. Patience – Tame Impala

Related image

Best Line

Just growin’ up in stages

Best Moment

:38, when Kevin Parker’s voice comes in, and you just know this upcoming album is going to groove so hard.

Favorite Fact about Tame Impala

They’re from Perth, which is also the name of one of my favorite Bon Iver tracks. Australia, you know? What a remarkable year down under.

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