Best New Albums of the Week (Jan. 28-Feb. 3) / Plus, Updated Best Albums of the Year List

My mom when I told her I would be writing a Top 31 Best Songs of January post this week: “Wow, that’s a lot of songs. I can’t even believe there are that many.” There are 32 songs in the new Guided By Voices album ALONE.

In the ten new albums I listened to this week, it totaled 133 songs. Plus, with each song in the New Music Friday Playlist, which is 99 songs, and the All New indie playlist, which added 8 songs not on the NMF set. . . 240 songs. Some say that is too much music. The haters may say I’m saturating my brain with too much music. They say it’s an “odd” hobby. Folks, I’m here to say it’s an “aud” habit. Auditory, baby.

10. Zeppelin Over China, Guided By Voices

Highlights: “Your Lights Are Out” / “Bellicose Starling”

9. What Chaos Is Imaginary, Girlpool

Highlights: “Pretty” / “Minute In Your Mind”

8. Stuffed & Ready, Cherry Glazerr

Highlights: “Stupid Fish” / “Daddi”

7. Everythings For Sale, Boogie

Highlights: “Silent Ride” / “Soho (feat. JID)”

6. Malibu Ken, Malibu Ken

Highlights: “Dog Years” / “Tuesday”

5. FIVE, White Lies

Highlights: “Never Alone” / “Kick Me”

4. This is Not the End, Spielbergs

Highlights: “Five on It” / “Familiar”

3. Nowhere Now Here, MONO

Highlights: “After You Comes the Flood” “Nowhere, Now Here”

2. Olympic Girls, Tiny Ruins

Highlights: “Olympic Girls” “Kore Waits in the Underworld”

1. Gallipoli, Beirut

Highlights: “Gallipoli” / “We Never Lived Here”


Plus, Updated List of Best Albums of the Year

  1. IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME – The Twilight Sad (3rd week)
  2. Phoenix – Pedro the Lion (3rd week)
  3. Outer Peace – Toro y Moi (3rd week)
  4. Remind Me Tomorrow – Sharon Van Etten (3rd week)
  5. Heard It In A Past Life – Maggie Rogers (3rd week)
  6. Gallipoli – Beirut (1st week)
  7. Better Oblivion Community Center – Better Oblivion Community Center (2nd week)
  8. Olympic Girls – Tiny Ruins (1st week)
  9. Nowhere Now Here – MONO (1st week)
  10. This is Not the End – Spielbergs (1st week)
  11. Almost Free – FIDLAR (2nd week)
  12. FIVE – White Lies (1st week)
  13. Malibu Ken – Malibu Ken (1st week)
  14. Assume Form – James Blake (3rd week)
  15. Everythings For Sale – Boogie (1st week)
  16. Future Hndrxx Presents: THE WZRD – Future (3rd week)
  17. Homebrew – DIRE GNOME (2nd week)
  18. Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? – Deerhunter (3rd week)
  19. Stuffed & Ready – Cherry Glazerr (1st week)
  20. Love Hates What You Become – Lost Under Heaven (2nd week)
  21. Goes West – William Tyler (2nd week)
  22. What Chaos Is Imaginary – Girlpool (1st week)
  23. Zeppelin Over China – Guided By Voices (1st week)
  24. XXXTENTACION Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4 – XXXTENTACION (2nd week)

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